Sometimes, travel shows us who we are in the context of the whole world in a way that simultaneously brings us to our knees and inspires us to get up and do something.

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"5 Reasons Travel Should Be A Part of Education"

Camping and hiking in Marinette County, Wisconsin.  The so-called waterfall capital of Wisconsin, we saw at least five different falls with great hiking trails around them. 

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.
Gustave Flaubert  (via redwoodcollective)

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pronunciation | FEIRN-weyh, with fei as in feint


pronunciation | FEIRN-weyh, with fei as in feint

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Flowers of Rwanda 

Not too sure of the names on some of these - we did have a guide on our trip, but I don’t think he would’ve known how to put the names into English.  


During her service, Peace Corps Volunteer Rachael Saler taught Filipino women to crochet discarded plastic bags into colorful handbags and change purses as a way to engage local communities in business ventures, and teach environmental awareness and recycling. Since the Bag-O Plastic project launched in August 2010, more than 100 women from Bago City in the Philippines have sold 200 bags, earning 63,000 pesos (about $1,500).

For each bag that is sold, the woman who crocheted it receives 80 percent of the earnings. The other 20 percent goes toward the purchasing of zipper, runners, tags, etc. Each woman collects, segregates and washes plastic bags to be crocheted and sold. Women have also begun exchanging plastic bags for rice with other merchants and started plastic-bag collection bins in local commercial areas.

Rachael, who holds a master’s degree from Columbia University and a bachelor’s from Syracuse University, credits her mother for the Bag-O Plastic idea. When her parents visited in 2009, Saler’s mother told her to consider crocheting recycled plastic bags into handbags. Rachael was so inspired by the project she extended her Peace Corps service for a third year to continue it. She completed her Peace Corps service in December 2011.

Yes yes yes! 

Being in the Peace Corps was one of the best things I could have done to prepare for becoming an entrepreneur, especially a social entrepreneur. Successful Volunteers are, in many ways, entrepreneurs: You learn how to do a lot with few resources, how to jump into a vague situation and create change, how to recognize opportunities, and how to build something out of nothing. I learned firsthand how powerful business can be in creating social change for women.
Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Siiri Morley, executive director of Prosperity Catalyst, who launched a program in Haiti that provides direct support, mentorship, and training to women as they start candle-making businesses (via peacecorps)

Love this!

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Landscapes in Rwanda.  Many of these are from the northwest of the country by the Virunga volcanoes, where you can go on a trek to see the mountain gorillas.  The incredible landscapes and hills of Rwanda are only accentuated by the near-primeval peaks of the dormant volcanoes.  

Never in reply to the question, to what country you belong, say that you are an Athenian or a Corinthian, but that you are a citizen of the world. For why do you say that you are an Athenian, and why do you not say that you belong to the small nook only into which your poor body was cast at birth?

Epictetus | Discourses of Epictetus (via blogut)

I think that this is equally applicable to travel.  

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Off on a New Africa Adventure!!

After a travel hiatus to do weird things like school and graduation, once more I am jetting off again! 

I am extremely fortunate to be leading a microfinance service-learning trip for a student organization I have been involved with throughout my undergraduate career, the Trockman Microfinance Initiative.  

We will be going to a town in western Rwanda called Kinigi, and working with the parent-teacher association of Kabwende Primary School on expanding their current microfinance loan system.  Aside from a needs assessment, we will be providing a few workshops in business and financial management training.  

Aside from being in Kinigi, we get to meet with local microfinance organizations in Kigali, visit markets, cultural centers, and other self-sustaining income initiatives in the area.  

I will probably only have Internet access in the capital, but follow for updates and whatnot after I get back!  I will be there for about two weeks, from May 10-May 23rd.  

Undergraduate international business student - most posts are from my own trips/places I've studied and worked.

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” – Jack Kerouac

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